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2021 Schedule

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NOTE: All concerts in spring and summer 2021 will be
outdoors.  If it rains, we will try to have a rain date

available, or it will just be canceled.
IMPORTANT:  We are a listening room, first and foremost.
Anyone arriving drunk, or interfering with others' enjoyment of the show will be asked to leave.
Check back for other shows coming up in 2021
Thank you for supporting the singer-songwriters we host.
In 2019, we celebrated 20 years and 100 shows!
We here at Kiva House Concerts take this pandemic seriously, as you should.  Here are some examples
of things that will be different at the shows we host in 2020:

1) All concerts will be outdoors.
2) There will be no intermission during shows, just one set straight through
3) We will be putting down markers to make sure rows of seats are at least 6 feet apart and then within
each row that all seats are 6 feet apart (for those not in families).
4) The bathroom will be open if needed, but only one person will be allowed indoors at a time to use it.  
Sanitizer must be used before entering the house.
5) Masks will be required when not seated.  This is similar to the state rule for outdoor dining.
6) All donations must be pre-paid before arriving to eliminate the need for money changing hands.
7) There will be no table of shared food and drink.  If you think you will be thirsty and hungry during the
show, please bring your own and then bring any empty containers back with you when it is over.
8) Some artists may choose to not sell merchandise at the show (but you can buy it online!)
9) If you feel sick at all or have any type of cough, please stay home and your donation will be refunded

Happy Holidays!  Check back in early
2021 for new shows being booked