Why is it called "Kiva"?
What is a kiva?

Kiva is a Hopi word for ceremonial room.  The kivas at Mesa Verde in Colorado were
underground chambers comparable to churches of later times.  Based on modern Pueblo
practice, Ancestral Pueblans may have gone there to conduct healing rituals or pray for
rain, luck in hunting, or good crops.  Kivas also served as gathering places and sometimes
as a place to weave.  It is believed that they originally served as kin group meeting places
or even dwelling units and then later became religious centers.  In the winter, the kivas
served as shelter from the harsh winds and snows.

Kivas ranged in size from 15 foot diameter structures to larger than 50 feet across at sites
like Chetro Ketyl in Chaco Canyon.  A roof of beams and mud, supported by pilasters,
covered each kiva.  Access was by ladder through a hole in the center of the roof.

What does it have in common with this concert series?

This house concert series provides a small gathering place for people of different walks
of life who have a similar taste in music.  I don't conduct any rituals at these shows, but I
do believe that music is food for the soul, so it is spiritual in that sense.   Come here to
seek shelter from the hectic day-to-day life and enjoy some good music in good company.
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